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The Sunrise Story

Sunrise ABA & Autism Services, L.L.C. was founded by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Mamie A. Turner, M.A., BCBA.  Mamie has been working in the field of Psychology her entire career. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Jackson State University, Jackson, MS and her Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. Upon completing her Master’s Degree, Mamie worked in Berkeley, CA as a Therapist in a residential treatment setting for children with significant emotional disorders.

In 1996, Mamie moved back to the South-- relocating to Greensboro, NC with her husband and children.  Since that time, Mamie has worked with children in various regions of NC and in various capacities. She has supervised the care of children in foster homes; developed Social Skills Training Curriculum for preschoolers at UNC-Chapel Hill; consulted with parents and teachers of children, ages 0-5, with developmental concerns at UNC-Greensboro; and after completing her Behavior Analyst's certification requirements in 2015, Mamie has provided therapeutic services for children with Autism in counties from Forsyth, to Wake, to Granville.  A lot has been gained from her work and travels between the various counties, but  she is excited to finally offer ABA services to the North Carolina, Greensboro-Triad communities where she resides. 


Mamie’s idea behind Sunrise is to reach an under-served population--Families and their children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum diagnosis who live in and around the Triad area.  She is aware that many in the Autism community don’t know what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is and don’t realize that this service is covered by most insurance companies in NC for  children (ages 0-21) who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.


Mamie has heard first-hand stories from parents who have felt trapped in their homes and who were reluctant to venture out too far or for too long fearing their children's “meltdowns” and the stares that follow. However, at Sunrise, staff work with the children and their caretakers to replace fear with training, and ultimately, with hope and optimism.


In her treatment, Mamie has seen parents’ fear and doubt turn to excitement and confidence.  At Sunrise, staff recognize how precious is the birth of every child. They believe in the dignity of every child and family and they are here to say:  “There is help available, there is joy and positive growth ahead.”

In the face of every child is the joy, beauty and hope of a new day,.

Sunrise is now offering ABA services in your community!
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