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Karlee Martineau, M.A., BCBA, Behavior Analyst

Meet Karlee Martineau, M.A., BCBA, Behavior Analyst.
Karlee has been in the field of ABA since 2015 when she began working as a paraprofessional at an Autism center in Colorado. It was here that she became fascinated with the work of BCBAs as she witnessed great behavior change and skill acquisition in her students. Following a move to Louisiana in 2016, she obtained her Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential and began working with clients in the field, as well as becoming her region's company trainer for new RBTs. In 2017, Karlee obtained her Master's degree in ABA from Ball State University and passed her board exam to become a BCBA in November of 2018. Since then, Karlee has provided services to clients, aged 2-21, in a variety of settings including classrooms, day programs, in-home, daycares and remotely. Karlee’s ambition is to be a support system to individuals on the spectrum, a role model to those new to the field of ABA, and a source of comfort to parents who are desperately searching for guidance following their child’s diagnosis.


In the face of every child is the joy, beauty and hope of a new day,.

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