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Michelle Wang, M.A., BCBA, Behavior Analyst.

Meet Michelle Wang, M.A., BCBA, Behavior Analyst. Michelle has over 10 years under her belt working in the field of ABA with ASD individuals ranging in age from 3 1/2 to 28 years old. Michelle received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology in 2012 from the University of San Diego and a Masters of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in ABA from National University in 2016. She began volunteering and working with children and teens on the Spectrum in 2009 and then began her professional work as a Behavior Technician in 2012. After completing her Master’s studies, Michelle worked as a Program Manager—creating treatment goals and supervising Behavior Techs. Michelle has extensive experience facilitating Social Skills Training and her love of ABA stems from seeing her clients succeed! She hopes to always make a difference in the lives of her clients and their families! 

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In the face of every child is the joy, beauty and hope of a new day,.

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