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Dawn Olson, Behavior Analyst, M.Ed., BCBA

Meet Dawn Olson, Behavior Analyst, M.Ed., BCBA.  Dawn received her Bachelors of Science degree in 1984 from Michigan State University in Early
Education and Elementary Education. When she moved to Seattle in 1987, she began working in Early
Intervention with families and children with special needs. After going back to teaching she received her
Masters in Special Education with a Concentration in Autism from the University of Louisville in 2008.
Dawn has taught in self-contained classrooms with children on the spectrum for almost 15 years and has
close to 15 years working in Early Intervention. It was while teaching in a self-contained classroom that
she met her first BCBA and was introduced to ABA. She saw the progress and socially significant
changes that were being made with her students and began learning and using ABA as much as she
could. She became a BCBA in October 2022 after many years working in the field.

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In the face of every child is the joy, beauty and hope of a new day,.

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